Other Initiatives

Boundary Square

Boundary Square in Buchanan Street had become a dark, unwelcoming and under-used community area. Working in partnership with local residents, the local community council, the Pilmeny Development Project and the City of Edinburgh Council, we undertook a complete redesign, re-development and transformation of Boundary Square into a more attractive and sustainable social space for local people. The project was jointly funded by PoLHA and the City of Edinburgh Council.


Temporary Greening

Port of Leith Housing Association owns several sites in the north Edinburgh area which we plan to build on in future. As funding for social housing has been reduced in recent years, these sites will not be developed as quickly as originally anticipated. Rather than leaving these sites to deteriorate, we have started temporary "greening" projects to ensure our sites become an attractive part of the local environment until building works begin. The first such project was planting a wildflower meadow at our site in Western Harbour.