In relation to the Association’s procurement of goods and services the Association will:

  • Comply with all legislative requirements
  • Ensure good procurement practice is applied consistently across the organisation;
  • Obtain and evidence value for money when purchasing goods and services now and in future;
  • Maintain an up to date plan of all procurement activities which will be monitored and reviewed 
  • Ensure sustainability principles are embodied within all procurement activities.


To facilitate the aims of the Procurement Policy the Association will, via a Procurement Strategy, Strategy Action Plan and its Operating Procedures:

  • Regularly review the methods of procurement used for each type of service delivered;
  • Ensure Association staff and suppliers are up to date with current procurement and financial legislation;
  • Ensure tendering activities and Contract Awards are carried out in accordance with the Association’s Standing Orders, legislative requirements and best practice;
  • Ensure all options for grant funding or other assistance are evaluated;
  • Create the most economically advantageous balance of quality and cost;
  • Ensure all specifications for works, services and supplies clearly detail the scope and standard of the requirement;
  • Deliver community benefits;
  • Encourage Equality and Diversity within the marketplace;
  • Encourage open and fair competition;
  • Be transparent and ensure probity;
  • Ensure that the appropriate apportioned costs for carrying our repairs or improvements to multi ownership properties are recouped from private owners;
  • Effectively manage all projects, monitor performance and take appropriate corrective action as necessary; and
  • Encourage the development of partnership arrangements with suppliers and other procuring organisations and explore opportunities for joint delivery of services with others.


We advertise all of our opportunities on the Scottish Government's Public Contracts Scotland website and we encourage prospective contractors or suppliers to sign up to receive notifications about any contract opportunities.

If you see a contract advertised that your company is interested in tendering for, you should follow the instructions given in the Contract Notice or advert.

Link to PCS: 

The Supplier Journey provides guidance for suppliers on how to bid for the public sector goods services and health and social care contracts. The Supplier Journey can be found at


For further information on individual regulated contracts, please see our contracts register on the Public Contract Scotland website    


The Association’s Procurement Strategy can be downloaded from the following link: Click Here 


The Association’s Annual Procurement Report for 2017-2018 can be downloaded here