Shared Ownership 

Shared ownership is a type of low cost home ownership and allows people on lower incomes to purchase a 25%, 50% or 75% initial share in a property and to pay rent for the remainder of the property to the Association, with responsibility for all repairs resting with the sharing owner.  You can apply to buy further 25% shares if you wish but this is not a requirement.  Priority is given to first time buyers; those on council / housing association waiting lists and those leaving the armed forces. Our shared ownership handbook can be downloaded here. 

We have no plans to develop any further properties for shared ownership at the moment.

From time to time, a shared ownership property becomes available when an existing sharing owner wishes to sell and this would be advertised on the open market, with any prospective purchaser being approved by the Association as eligible for shared ownership. where such a property has been advertised, please complete our application form if interested in being considered
If you wish to purchase another share or buy the property outright, you should write to the Association, who will arrange a valuation (with the cost being met by the sharing owner). The cost of the relevant share will be based on this valuation and the transaction carried out through respective solicitors, as with any house purchase.
If you wish to sell your share in the property, you should write to the Association, advising that you wish to do so. We would not normally be in a position to be able to afford to buy back the share and would usually therefore advise you that you should arrange to market and sell your share through your solicitor / estate agent. However, to ensure that it is applicants on low incomes and non-homeowners who benefit from shared ownership, any interested party would have to also apply to the Association for us to establish eligibility around income levels and current housing circumstances before approving them for purchase of the share.
We encourage our customers to engage with us in a variety of ways and we maintain a consultation register of those who are particularly interested in participation in surveys, mystery shopping and focus groups. We also encourage sharing owners to establish groups to represent the interests of sharing owners in a local development. For more information please view the page Getting Involved.
A number of our housing policies (including rent; rent arrears; antisocial behaviour and allocations policies) can be found in the Publications area of the website.